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Depreciation Tables

BCRI’s Depreciation Tables are specifically designed to reflect the forward-looking non-trended depreciation, value, and life characteristics of equipment assets.

   They reflect the realities of today’s rapidly changing markets and capture all forms of depreciation and obsolescence impacting the useful life of the subject property; including Physical Depreciation, Functional & Technological Obsolescence, and External or Economic Obsolescence.

   They provide a valuable tool to analysts conducting studies where asset lives, depreciation and/or value are a consideration. Some of the potential uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Valuation Studies and Appraisals
  • Property Taxes
  • Allocation of Purchase Price to Fixed Assets
  • Depreciation Studies
  • Economic Life Studies
  • Business Cases for new products and/or services
  • Engineering Economic Studies
  • Regulatory Hearings and Rate Cases
  • Revenue Requirement and Pricing Studies
  • Network & Marketing Strategic Planning

Key Benefits

  • Functional Obsolescence
    • In today's environment of rapid technological and regulatory changes, functional obsolescence is often the dominant factor impacting the depreciation and devaluation of personal property. Our life-tables separately and objectively quantify functional obsolescence.
  • Technological Obsolescence
    • Rapidly advancing technology is a major cause of functional obsolescence. Technology Substitution, the ongoing replacement of an older technology with a newer technology, typically yields abnormal obsolescence levels. BCRI is skilled in the art of technology forecasting and quantifying the impacts it has on the level of obsolescence. Our depreciation tables reflect the obsolescence resulting from technology substitutions.
  • Quality and Objectivity
    • BCRI undertakes a rigorous process of objectively assessing all factors impacting the depreciation and value of personal property. As a result, our life-tables are supportable and provide a reasonable assessment of depreciation, economic life and value of the assets they represent.
  • Backed By Practical Experience
    • Our life-tables are backed up with over 24 years experience assessing depreciation, functional obsolescence, economic lives and value. We are recognized for our leadership and research into objectively quantifying the causes of depreciation: Physical Depreciation, Functional Obsolescence, and other economic losses.
  • Supportability
    • BCRI's founder is a recognized legal expert in all aspects of depreciation and obsolescence and is available to personally support legal and regulatory challenges. Litigation support is a core strength and primary service of BCRI.
  • A no questions asked 30-day guarantee!
    • Simply return the material for a full refund.


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