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About BCRI

BCRI Inc., BCRI Valuation Services, is a research and consulting research firm founded in 1998 by Stephen L. Barreca. BCRI specializes in estimating the economic and normal service lives of property plant and equipment, assessing the pace and impacts of technological change and obsolescence, and the depreciation and valuation of utility and high-tech property.

Stephen Barreca
Founder & President

Stephen (Steve) Barreca is the founder and president of BCRI Valuation Services, BCRI Inc. He has successfully served his clients for over 40 years.

Mr. Barreca is internationally recognized for his extensive experience in the areas of economic life analysis, technology forecasting, and depreciation and valuation theory and practice.  He is the principal developer of the methodology used to combine multiple forces of mortality (e.g., economic and/or technological obsolescence with physical depreciation) into a composite LifeCycle, primarily for the purpose of determining the economic or service lives of any type of asset.  more…