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About BCRI

BCRI Inc., d/b/a BCRI Valuation Services is a consulting and research company founded in 1998 by Stephen L. Barreca. BCRI specializes in developing economic lives and depreciation tables; and assessing technological change for utility and high-tech property.

The convergence of computer and communication technology and their unprecedented rapid advancements are greatly enhancing humanities most defining attributes: communications and cogitation. While the consequences to business and society have been overwhelming in the 20th Century, history will credit it only for opening of the door to the Information Age. As we journey into the new millennium, we will experience the full extent of the Information Age. Those that embrace it will do well; those that resist it will struggle for existence; and those that proactively anticipate the changes will excel.

BCRI can help you anticipate the changes and excel in the Information Age. With over 40 years experience in telecommunications, and over 35 years experience in depreciation analysis and forecasting technological change and functional obsolescence, BCRI has the skills to assess your technological strengths and weaknesses. We can assess the pace of change and document the technology LifeCycles that sustain your markets and your business. We can assess the potential of future "killer technologies" that may one day threaten your success, or assess the economic lives and value of your assets.

Stephen Barreca
Founder & President

Stephen Barreca has extensive experience in the areas of economic life development, technology forecasting, depreciation and valuation theory and practice. With specialties in ad valorem taxation, he has conducted or managed valuation and economic life studies of various type of personal property with an aggregate value in excess of  $500 Billion dollars. He has worked along side some of the largest corporations in the world as well as state governments and local taxing authorities in both the US and Canada... more