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BCRI's LifeCalc™ Program

BCRI’s LifeCalc™ program provides analysts the ability to quickly perform life analysis of physical assets. With LifeCalc, the analysts will spend far less time generating the statistical life-results, leaving more time to spend evaluating the results. LifeCalc supports both Actuarial Analysis (a.k.a.: Retirement Rate Analysis) and Simulated Plant-Record (SPR) analysis.

The analyst can use LifeCalc’s analytical tools to quickly find the best-fit survivor curve and life to observed mortality data. LifeCalc includes various tools and features to facilitate the life analysis and analyze and document the results.

LifeCalc is a completely self-contained Excel® Add-In that makes no changes to the user’s computer.  With its ease-of-use and many features, LifeCalc is the most powerful Life Analysis tool available for Excel.

Data Input

LifeCalc’s data input feature can read virtually any mortality (or accounting) data that is organized in column/tabular format. From your input data, LifeCalc will automatically generate the Mortality Record of Experience (MROE) and Observed Life Table (OLT); virtually eliminating these notoriously laborious processes. LifeCalc can also generate the typical MROE Matrix providing a visual of the MROE dataset.

Addditionally, LifeCalc includes built-in input templates for these instances where you have to key or paste the data manually. LifeCalc's input and output templated can be customized to suit the analyst’s specific needs.

Iowa Curve Generation

LifeCalc includes all Iowa Curves, including the ½ year curves, the negative curves, and the square curve. Plus, menu commands that will  generate any Iowa Curve for any specified life or generate all generic Iowa Curves normalize to a 100.00 year average life.


LifeCalc supports both experience and placement year banding; as well as complex inclusion/exclusion of activity years and/or vintages. LifeCalc automates the specification of placement & experience bands and automatically computes the resulting banded mortality data. Additionally, LifeCalc can automatically generate rolling and shrinking bands allowing the user to specify the start year, stop year, years in band, and the increment between bands.

Other Features

LifeCalc includes many features to assist the life analyst, these include:

  • Automated selection of individual Iowa curves or entire Iowa curve families.
  • Automatically create comparison graphs depicting the computed versus observed results; and Worm Charts from fitted results.
Built-In Functions

LifeCalc includes useful manu functions and built-in functions that can be placed in any cell in any open workbook. These incllude functions that return indicated value/table for any Iowa Curve & life:

  • Percent Surviving
  • Average Remaining Life
  • Percent Remaining Value (%Good)
  • Iowa Curve Table for any Iowa Curve & Life
  • Depreciation/Valuation Table for any Iowa Curve
  • and more...

For more detailed information regarding LifeCalc's many powerful features, download the LifeCalc User Guide, click here...


LifeCalc Pricing

1st user: $350
2–9 users: + $175/user
Over 10 users: $2,000
(unlimited users within department)

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LifeCalc User Guide