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This easy to use program is designed to minimize the task of assessing technological advancbement.

New Features:

  • Seamless integration into Excel and VBA.
    • Tf.Innovate contains automatically reads and writes to your Excel models. Additionally, it contains automated links to Visual Basic so that you can integrate tf.Innovate into your own forecasting models or program
  • Includes the most popular Technology Forecasting techniques.
    • Fisher-Pry Technology Substitutions
    • Gompertz Trending and Technology Substitutions
    • Pearl-Read Trending and Technology Substitutions
    • Exponential Trending
    • Linear Trending
  • Function Limits
    • Numerical limits can be specified for the Gompertz, Pearl-Read and Exponential Models.
  • Includes two trend-fitting algorithms.
    • Function - fits the observed data directly to the selected Technology Forecasting function.
    • Linear - fits the observed data to the linear-transformation of the selected Technology Forecasting function.
  • Data Management
    • Allows user to maintain multiple sets of time-series data within the same model.
  • Forecasting Templates
    • Includes several predefined templates the user can select. These templates facilitate the forecasting task. Most of the predefined templates include graphics of the results.
      Users can easily develop customized templates that facilitate their specific needs. Custom templates are automatically recognized by tf.Innovate and can be readily distributed to other user.

New Features:

  • Ease of Use
    • The easy to use Tf.Innovate system is designed to minimize the task of assessing technological advancement. Novice forecasters can readily implement the comprehensive array of technology forecasting models. Experienced forecasters can greatly reduce the time spent on developing and running technology forecasting models.
  • Proven Application
    • In addition to many corporate users, several training institutions have incorporated tf.Innovate into their curriculum.
      • Vanderbilt University has used tf.Innovate in their technology forecasting/management classes.
      • Stevens Institute of Technology has selected tf.Innovate for use in their graduate-level technology management curriculum.
      • Technology Futures Inc. (TFI) uses tf.Innovate in their Quantitative Technology/Market Forecasting workshops.
  • Automation & Integration
    • With its automatic interface to Excel® and VBA®, tf.Innovate can use your existing models, maintaining your investment by integrating into your established systems.
  • Custom Templates & Modeling
    • Reduce forecasting efforts by customizing tf.Innovate templates to model your repetitive needs. These templates will be automatically recognized by the system and can be made available other forecasters on the team.

New Reduced Pricing !!!!

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Price Per Copy
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