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Technology Forecasting

Technological change, is having a profound impact on business and society. Advancements to existing technologies and emerging new technologies threaten the infrastructure and markets of most modern companies.

Anticipating and managing change is a critical success factor. Technological change enables new markets and governs existing markets causing assets and strategies to become functionally obsolete. Failure to anticipate technological change jeopardizes your core strengths and resources.

With over 20 years of experience, BCRI can help your company anticipate technological change and document the life-cycles of the technologies, products and/or services that sustain or threaten your business. BCRI can provide your staff with the tools, training, and ongoing support to become proficient technology forecasters.

Alternately, we can undertake the analysis, working closely with your staff. BCRI’s popular technology forecasting program, tf.Innovate, makes light work of the mathematics of technology forecasting. With tf.Innovate, the analyst can spend more time analyzing results and far less time crunching numbers. Feel free to call or email us to discuss you organizations future and how technology forecasting can improve your business decisions.