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BCRI's Depreciation & Cost Manual

What Is BCRI’s Depreciation & Cost Manual?

BCRI’s Depreciation & Cost Manual is a multifaceted annual subscription service designed to help appraisers and depreciation analysts accurately and objectively estimate economic lives and the remaining value of various machinery and equipment or entire business and industries.

Each year, BCRI calibrates all depreciation tables to reflect the passage of time and the realities of today marketplace. The annual update/calibration includes updating the levels of depreciation and obsolescence effective January 1, of the current year.

BCRI’s subscription service includes approximately 200 depreciation (valuation) tables and over 8,500 current cost tables; plus, a complete electronic listing of the IOWA Curves, the ValueCalc™ program, educational material and guides, other nifty programs, as well as email support; all of which is intended to aid in your depreciation and valuation efforts. In addition to these benefits, for those unique and challenging situations, your subscription entitles you to discounts off most BCRI’s depreciation, valuation, and consulting services.

What’s Included?

The following list summarizes the material included with your subscription to BCRI Valuation Service. Depreciation tables and economic lives are provided for over 100 specific categories of plant and equipment and over 60 industry classifications, just under 200 total classifications. Our depreciation tables include the economic life, and the remaining economic life and percent remaining value (%Good) for all ages. Click here for a listing of our depreciation/life tables.

List of Subscription Material Included

  • Individual Depreciation Tables covering various specific classes of plant and equipment. Depreciation tables for specific classes of plant are provided for each of the following industrial areas:
    • Communication Carriers
      • Telephone Communication Equipment
      • CATV Equipment
      • Wireless/Cellular/PCS Equipment
      • Fiber/Bandwidth Wholesalers' Equipment
      • Over-Air Broadcasting Equipment
    • Computer Equipment (Mainframes, Servers, Personal, and Peripherals)
    • Electric Utility Equipment
      • Transmission Plant
      • Distribution Plant
      • General Plant
    • Power Plants
    • Power Plant Generators
    • Gas Utility Equipment
    • Water Utility Distribution Mains and Meters
    • General Office, Production, and Retail Equipment
  • Composite Industrial Depreciation Tables covering over 60 different industries.
  • Over 8,500 Cost Trend Series (indexes & factors):
    • Most U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Industry Classifications
    • Most BLS Commodity Classifications
    • Most Standard Equipment Classification System (SECs) Codes
  • The latest version of the SECs codes.
  • ValueCalc™ Program
  • BCRI Iowa Curve Workbook
  • NNaicsPicker™ & SecsPicker™ Programs
  • Supporting Documentation
    • Training guides, Articles, White Papers, etc.


  • Initial Subscription: $795
  • Annual Renewal: $595/yr

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