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Depreciation Studies

Depreciation, the ongoing loss in value of an asset, has three principle causes: Physical Depreciation, Functional Obsolescence, and other Economic Losses. BCRI has over 20 years experience assessing all causes of depreciation. Our studies objectively assess and document all causes of depreciation. The net results is a comprehensive and supportable documentation of the net impact of depreciation.
In today's rapidly changing environment, depreciation requires expertise BCRI is uniquely qualified to offer. Our experience includes fundamental depreciation and actuarial analysis, technology forecasting and obsolescence studies, engineering, and regulatory matters. Whether your depreciation needs include life and rate studies, revenue requirements, utility rate cases, property tax assessments of value, or internal business needs, BCRI has the strength and experience to assists you.
At BCRI, we utilize time honored and proven techniques to quantify physical depreciation, technological and functional obsolescence, and economic obsolescence. We will package the analysis and results into a highly supportable study. Additionally, BCRI has the experience and expertise to support you in appeals, rate cases or legal challenges.
We have the experience and expertise to perform the depreciation studies for you or customize our services to support your internal studies. BCRI also publishes a comprehensive set of depreciation tables and economic lives. Our tables are updated annually and reflect the realities of today's marketplace. Click here to learn more...