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Publications and Reports


The founder of BCRI has analyzed the telecommunication industry since the early 1980s. He has authored many papers and presentations on technology advancement and convergence, and the strategic business implications this has and will have on future communication markets.

Depreciation and Valuation

Assessing the depreciation and economic life implications of rapid technological change requires a solid understanding of economic life-cycles. BCRI has published many papers on the subject and is in the process of developing a practitioners handbook

These publications and articles are available for free download.

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  • America'$ Network How Much is it Worth (PDF)
  • Assessing Functional Obsolescence in a Rapidly Changing Marketplace (PDF)
  • Do Regulatory Prescribed Projection Lives Meet the FCC's Criteria for Use in the TELRIC Proxy Models? (PDF)
  • Technology Life-Cycles & Technological Obsolescence (PDF)
  • Standard Equipment Classification System, Version-7 (XLS)

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