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Economic Life Studies

The economic lives of a corporations assets factor into virtually all major business decisions. Whether your trying to decide to lease or purchase a piece of equipment, identify the window of opportunity, or develop a long range strategic plan; an accurate assessment of the economic lives of your infrastructure or that of your competitors is vital to your success. The economic lives must reflect the realities of the marketplace, both today and in the future. BCRI is internationally recognized for its skill in assessing economic lives.
Reliable economic life estimates and remaining economic life estimates impact a business in many ways. Some of the more profound impacts included:
  • Near-term and Long-range Strategic Planning
  • Analysis of Business Cases
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Property Taxes
  • and more...

To adequately estimate economic lives involves expertise in several disciplines, including:

  • Depreciation
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Actuarial Analysis
  • Functional Obsolescence
  • Technology Forecasting
  • Economic Obsolescence

BCRI has extensive experience in the development of economic lives. Additionally, BCRI publishes a comprehensive set of depreciation and economic life tables for Electric Utility, Telecommunications, Wireless, CATV, Computers, and general use equipment.