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Economic Life Development

BCRI's has 40 years of experience developing and supporting economic lives and service lives of all types of property, plant, and equipment (PP&E), and assessing the impact of technological change on the economic lives of assets.

We can analyze your mortality & technology data and develop reliable estimates of the lives of your PP&E, and support those finding in Rate Case filings should the need arise; or assist your internal efforts to identify the lives of your assets.

Related Products & Services

At BCRI, where possible, we make the tools we use internally available to our clients. Some of the tools (and services) available include:

BCRI’s Depreciation & Cost Manual – BCRI publishes over 200 economic life tables. These tables are updated annually to reflect the passage of time and the realities of the todays marketplace.

LifeCalc™ – This easy-to-use program provides analysts the ability to quickly perform life analysis, commonly referred to a Historical Mortality Analysis. With LifeCalc, the analysts will spend far less time generating the statistical results, leaving more time to spend evaluating the results. LifeCalc supports both Actuarial Analysis (a.k.a.: Retirement Rate Analysis) and Simulated Plant-Record (SPR) analysis. LifeCalc is a completely self-contained Excel® Add-In that makes no changes to the user’s computer. LifeCalc is the most powerful life analysis program available for Excel.

LifeCalc supports both experience and placement banding; and complex inclusion/exclusion of activity years and/or vintages. LifeCalc’s data input feature can read virtually any mortality (or accounting) data that is organized in column/tabular format. In the case of aged-mortality data, LifeCalc will automatically generate the Mortality Record of Experience (MROE) and Observed Life Table (OLT). Additionally, LifeCalc includes various graphics and features to help analyze and interpret the statistical life results.

tf.Innovate™ – provides a comprehensive tool chest of technology and market forecasting tools. Innovate incorporates the technology forecasting models most commonly used by forecasters today. It includes the Fisher-Pry, Pearl-Read, Gompertz, Exponential and Linear Regression models.

Rate Case Support – BCRI can assist you in preparing and defending rate filings. BCRI has many years of experience supporting and testifying in utility rate case hearings in the U.S. and Canada. Our experience includes Pipelines, Electric Utilities, and Telecommunicaiton Carriers.


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